Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed a well deserved holiday break with family and friends. As educators return to school it is always good to review our intentional plans for sustaining a positive learning environment.  

“A quality teacher-student relationship means more than the combined power of all teaching and discipline techniques known to humankind.”
Love and logic Teacher-ism

I love this quote!  Establishing positive relationships with your students, while creating an atmosphere where children have positive relationships with each other, will truly benefit any classroom, family, or community.  Quality teacher-student and student-student relationships will support and increase a positive community where children want to thrive. It also makes everyone’s experience more enjoyable!  

As we start a new year it is always important to re-establish classroom expectations and learning missions that will empower students to be their best in 2017.  The best managed classrooms and learning environments do not happen by accident. Talented educators are intentional in their planning.  It starts with making connections and sustaining positive relationships.  Check out the #High5Challenge (focused on Reaching My Kids and Showing Them They Matter = PRICELESS) via @Mr_Oldfield  or Why Relationships Are the Foundation of Education via @bobby_dodd.  Both inspire and highlight the importance of keeping relationships at the forefront of everything we do as educators.

Continue to have a strategic plan focused on developing positive relationships with your students. Focus on things that are in your control: creating amazing classrooms where students are excited to learn!  Thank you for being great and enjoying the best job in the world… educating children!

Enjoy teaching and Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks for sharing Keith! We are so fortunate as educators to have two chances to start the year off right. First st the start of the school year and again in January. A great time to develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Have a great 2017!

    1. So true! The slate is wiped clean with the hopes for another amazing year of teaching and connecting with students and each other. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!!!

  2. I love this quote ---> "The best managed classrooms and learning environments do not happen by accident." It's SO true! It reminds me that the best teachers always end up with the best students. ;-) It's about intentions, expectations, and relationships. Let's be INTENTIONAL!