Friday, May 18, 2018

Every Opportunity

Can you believe that it is already May 18! It is amazing how quickly a school year can come to a conclusion.

It will be June in no time at all! During these final weeks it is easy for us to forget what is truly important due to end of the year assessments, activities, paperwork, field trips, assemblies, fundraisers, etc… you get the idea! We are busy this time of year! With that said, we still need to finish strong and focus on the truly important aspects of learning: Building relationships that supports a culture of joy and learning!

Last month I saw a great post from @Jennifer_Hogan, We must Maslow before we Bloom.  

@Jennifer_Hogan encourages educators to reflect on the relationships that we have developed during the school year and asks if there is anything more we can do as we enter the final stage of the school year. Within her post she included an Every Opportunity video that highlights the importance of being intentional with our interactions. Check it out!

I hope you find @Jennifer_Hogan’s post helpful. I encourage you to follow the #compelledtribe which is a group of educators who commit to educational blogging. #compelledtrib is a great place to sustaining learning, reflection, and collaboration. I would encourage anyone looking for inspiration to check out the #compelledtribe.

I appreciate everything you do each day to sustain a welcoming environment at our schools and in your classrooms! Teachers are great!!!!  Enjoy the final weeks of the school year!