Thursday, October 20, 2016

Goal Setting

The administrative team is in the process of using the School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System to set goals and reflect on progress throughout the school year.  We have formative and summative rubrics to guide our work along with an overall framework of five domains (Results, Leadership, Programs, Processes, and Systems) accompanied by many subdomains.  The administrators will be evaluated on eight or nine specific characteristics within four of the domains while being evaluated on all characteristics of the result oriented domain.  Without going into further detail... it is intense and overwhelming.  I am positive that teachers can relate! 

With that said, I believe it is important!  If done though the right mindset an evaluation can allow for sustained reflection, professional growth, and improvement.  As I organized my thought last night surrounding my professional goals, I was reminded of a blog that I posted last August.  The post highlighted the importance of establishing purposeful goals rather than thinking of the evaluation as a process of “jumping through hoops” and completing paperwork.  The post focused on being intentional, exhibiting a growth mindset, narrowing the focus, and setting an action plan for success.  It also focus on the importance of embarking on all goal setting with a basic question... Is it good for children?  Embedded in the blog is a great post titled Goal-Setting for Teachers: 8 Paths for Self-Improvement via @cultofpedagogy.  It is a timely read to get you started on a path of sustained professional growth.  Check it out!

I always value the work teachers and administrators do each and every day!  Our jobs are difficult but extremely rewarding!  Try not to let the evaluation process be an activity of "jumping through hoops." Set goals that will support your professional growth and stretch your learning.   Use the process to take your performance to the next level while motivating and challenging yourself and your students throughout the school year! 

I am now ready to take my own advice and tackle the School Advance Administrator Evaluation System with more positive mindset!

Have a great week! 

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