Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone enjoyed a well deserved holiday break with family and friends.  As educators return to school it is always good to review our intentional plans for sustaining a positive learning environment.  

“A quality teacher-student relationship means more than the combined power of all teaching and discipline techniques known to humankind.”
Love and logic Teacher-ism

I love this quote!  Establishing positive relationships with your students, while creating an atmosphere where children have positive relationships with each other, will truly benefit any classroom, family, or community.  Quality teacher-student and student-student relationships will support and increase a positive community where children want to thrive. It also makes everyone’s experience more enjoyable!  

As we start a new year it is always important to reestablish classroom expectations or learning missions that will empower students to be their best in 2016.  The best managed classrooms and positive learning environments do not happen by accident.  Talented educators are intentional in their planning.  

Children, in general, will exhibit some type of minor or major behavior challenge during their childhood.  The key is to keep minor behaviors just that… minor.  As a teacher, administrator, and parent I have experienced a variety of behavior challenges that can be supported with simple Tier 1 redirection and distraction techniques.  Below are two posts that highlight the importance of intentional planning surrounding relationships and distraction, time, and Love and Logic techniques to support learning.  

I hope you find this helpful.  I appreciate everything you do each day to sustain a welcoming environment at our schools and in your classrooms!  Teachers are great!!!!

I will leave you with this Love and Logic Quote:

Rules provided without relationship result in rebellion.
Consequences given without relationship lead to resentment.
Rewards without relationship feel like bribes.
Love and Logic Teacher-isms

Enjoy teaching and Happy New Year!



  1. Keith, It's been a while since I read Teaching with Love and Logic, and it was so refreshing to read your posts (all 3!), especially with the timing of the new year. So many of those strategies still have to be used at the high school level. At the core of being respectful to others is loving ourselves & others. How wonderful it would be if all adults felt this way!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you for the thoughtful comments. A new year always gives us a chance to reflect and revisit solid strategies to support positive relationships. Take care and enjoy the start of 2016.