Saturday, May 9, 2015

Modern Learning Questions

During the MACUL15 conference I had the good fortune to attend a session hosted by  @KleinErin @ShawnCRubin @thomascmurray on Personalized Instruction for ALL Learners and Create a Brain-Friendly, Blended Learning Space.  The session was extremely inspirational and generated many great questions that I will continue to focus my learning on this summer:  
  • How much has changed in past 100 years?  Why do classrooms still look the same today as they did 100 years ago?  
  • Where do you want to go to school?  
  • In what type of world will our kids live?  
  • How can we enhance what we already do well?  
  • What motivates our students?  
  • Can we make learning memorable?  
  • “Kids are instant!”  How can we prepare curriculum and instruction that matches their learning style?   
  • How can we personalize instruction?
  • What digital learning tools are needed to enhance personalized instruction and student collaboration?
  • How can we restructure our day?  
  • What are the learning outcomes we want for our students?  What technology is to be the “accelerator” to those learning outcomes?  
  • What should we “put up” in our classrooms?  Should we ditch the desks?  
  • How should we arrange the layout in the classroom?  What does good design look like?  
  • Should we create “Maker Spaces” within our classrooms and schools?  
  • Are we Future Ready?  
  • What is best for kids?  
The inspirational session may have lead to additional questions for me; however, it is these questions that will continue to drive our educational beliefs and decision-making about modern learning.  I look forward to using these questions as a guide to enhance personalized instruction for all learners while creating a blended learning space that is brain-friendly.  What exciting times in education!

Please share what your summer learning will consist of this year.
Enjoy teaching and learning!

“We should strive to be the teacher that we want our own children to have!”  @KleinErin


  1. These are great questions, Keith, and questions that we also need to be asking our students. I look forward to reading more about how you use the questions to move your school forward. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very thought-provoking questions. We must always continue to question things and look for new, creative ways to have the best learning environment, curriculum and activities for our students to learn.

  3. Keith,
    I love these questions and thank you so much for sharing. This will lead to some reflection on my part as I share with our teachers next year as well. Keep doing great work.


  4. Great questions Keith. I plan to use them as we move toward summer break. Thanks for sharing.