Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kindness 2015

Monteith’s focus word for 2015:  KINDNESS

“A quality teacher-student relationship means more than the combined power of all teaching and discipline techniques known to humankind.”
Love and logic Teacher-ism

I love this quote!  Establishing positive relationships with your students and children, while creating an atmosphere where children have positive relationships with each other, will truly benefit any classroom, family, or community.  Quality parent-child, teacher-student, and student-student relationships will support and increase a positive community where children want to thrive.  It also makes everyone’s experience more enjoyable.   I am fortunate to work with a faculty that views positive relationships as the most important consideration within their classrooms, creating environments where students want to spend their days.

Throughout my experience, it seems that one word is the major force in establishing positive relationships: KINDNESS!  A kind, considerate, or helpful comment or act can brighten anyone’s day.  It solidifies positive relationships between individuals, increasing likelihood that future positive connections and interactions will take place.  Additionally, being kind to others just makes you feel good about yourself!

During the week of January 26th, our school is taking on The Great Kindness Challenge which is presented by Dignity Health. Our “Kids for Peace Experience” will be packed with activities to support and enhance kindness throughout Monteith.  Highlights of the week consist of the following:

  • Great Kindness Challenge Assembly
  • Morning Kindness Quotes
  • School-wide Kindness Bulletin Board
  • Kindness Spirit Days
  • School-wide song, “Reach Out” taught in music class
  • Lunch Recess Kindness Stations
  • Classroom Kindness Activities
  • Kindness Video
  • Kindness Challenge checklist for each child
  • And much, much more...

Parents can also join in on The Great Kindness Challenge by modeling and discussing acts of kindness with your children. Simply asking: “How did you fill someone’s bucket today?” or “How did you build up your character today by showing an act of kindness to someone at school?” will reinforce our school-wide initiative.  These simple questions make great dinnertime conversations that will encourage and sustain acts of kindness.  Reading 15 Ways to Start 2015, posted on December 22, 2014 by Kelsey Gryniewicz via The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation provides great suggestions for individuals and families to kick off The Great Kindness Challenge.  Check it out!

We ask you to kindly create positive relationships and connections with each other, by joining us during The Great Kindness Challenge (January 26-30), and incorporate acts of kindness during 2015 and beyond!

Feel free to share your special acts of kindness by making a comment.

Always Remember to Be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and that KINDNESS MATTERS!

Have a great week!  


  1. Keith,

    Great post and a great reminder of how important is to teach kindness to our students in school. Perhaps we will start a kindness challenge of our own at school. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Keith, this is such an important word. By focusing on the word and putting it into action, it eliminates so much more and provides a guideline and boundary for students and staff. My wheels are turning on how to replicate this at Hoover High. Thank YOU!!

    1. Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you do at Hoover High. Good Luck and Kindness matters!

  3. I love this and what a great word for your students and community to see emulated by staff! :)

    1. Thanks!!!! It is a powerful word! Have a great weekend!