Saturday, September 6, 2014

Think Through Math

For the past couple of years, our building has been utilizing Think Through Math (TTM) as a supplemental tool in conjunction with our district math curriculum.  We have found it to be extremely beneficial.

Think Through Math does exactly what its name suggests. It provides students with opportunity to understand mathematical concepts rather than just getting to a final answer.   The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Communication Standards indicate that instructional programs, prekindergarten through grade 12, should enable all students to do the following:

·         Organize and consolidate their mathematical thinking through communication.
·         Communicate their mathematical thinking coherently and clearly to peers, teachers, and others.
·         Analyze and evaluate the mathematical thinking and strategies of others.
·         Use the language of mathematics to express mathematical ideas precisely. 

TTM understands the importance of these principles to improve math instruction through research-based best practices combined with advanced technology.  TTM utilizes adaptive software to target individual gaps in knowledge while providing immediate corrective feedback, correcting misconceptions, and delivering quality differentiated instruction.  As student’s mathematical skills progress, TTM meets them at their level, providing new concepts and related enrichment so they are continually engaged, supporting their individualized instructional level.  The uniqueness of TTM is that students can connect with a LIVE certified teacher when they are unable manage a problem on their own.  TTM understands the importance of immediate support when a student is struggling with a new concept.  Connecting and interacting with a live teacher enhances the likelihood for student success while taking their mathematical skills to the next level. The Foundational Principles of TTM:

·         Motivate & Engage
·         Utilize Adaptive Placement &Personalized Instruction
·         Provide Opportunities for Learning Autonomy & Ownership
·         Create Meaningful Practice
·         Implement Higher Leverage Teaching Practices

These foundational principles are what drive TTM, while providing fun differentiated instruction along the way, with on-the-spot support from certified teachers.  Monteith teachers and students continue to benefit from TTM’s pedagogical practices. 

What our teachers at Monteith are saying about TTM:

The Think Through Math Program helps me in the classroom in many ways.  First, it provides me with the opportunity to provide differentiated instruction.  Students can work at their own levels, while still getting teacher support as needed.  I can monitor and change pathways as I see fit to help students reach their individual math goals. Another way it is helpful is that it provides the class with a common goal.  Students earn points and achieve a team prize of their choice. Lastly, it helps boost children's confidence in math!  Students are working at their own pace to achieve rewards for skills they accomplish, no matter at what level they are working at.  Overall, I feel TTM is a great addition to my 5th grade classroom.  5th grade teacher

Kids like the autonomy of going back to where they left off… without having to “check in“ with the teacher. They like that nobody else (except the teacher) can see what lessons they are on, how they scored on the pre quiz, post quiz, etc.   They like being able to have extra lab time during the week for TTM, and the chance to work on it at home. Last year, with our class/grade/school goal of completing 30 lessons, it became an opportunity to encourage our classmates… applauding those who made it into the “30 Club” and receiving praise from the teacher (either when I typed a comment to them on TTM or mentioned it in person) that I was proud of their progress, hard work, extra time using the program at home, etc. 5th grade teacher

My students…benefited greatly.  They LOVED the challenge and the ability to work through problems at their own speed.  …loved the competition part too.  …Students were thrilled to know that they were really high in the school and the state.  3rd grade teacher
Students love selecting an avatar that they can personalize as they gain points.  The more points earned through passing lessons allows students to modify their avatar with new features.  Perfect motivational tool for students!  Principal

Monteith has enjoyed the opportunity to work with Think Through Math.  It is supporting our ongoing school improvement efforts, providing students with deeper understanding of mathematical concepts while motivating and empowering them to be life-long learners. 

We truly appreciate the financial support of our PTO who provided funding for TTM.  Thank you for being our partner in education!  Your support is always appreciated! 

Have a great week! 

To learning more about TTM, check out this video which highlights the following:
Think Through Math is America’s premier math differentiation system—a Web-based curriculum proven to raise math achievement for students in grades 3 through Algebra I. The program is designed to meet the rigors of the Common Core and accelerate students to grade level. Students who complete at least 30 lessons in their targeted pathway are proven to make measureable gains on standardized tests.

For additional information about TTM contact:
Matt Young
Regional Manager - Midwest
Think Through Math
Cell: 586.713.7513


  1. Keith this program is intriguing to me. Having a live tutor must be amazing. I can't imagine the relief this would give parents at home. Actually, is this something that students can use at home or is it just at school? I know parents would love this when it comes to understanding many of the new algorithms.

    1. The live teachers are a nice touch to the program. Yes, students can utilize the program at home, on weekends and in the summer. We have received nice feedback from teachers, students and parents. Thanks for reading!

  2. I have always believed that we need to use technology to support students in math for the best differentiation to occur. Allowing students to work at their own pace is way different than traditional math classes! I don't think tech can replace the value of a teacher, and I love how you emphasized that students could connect to a live teacher at any time. It sounds like they have their own personal math coach at their disposal. What could be better than that?

    1. I agree, the live teacher is what makes TTM special and different from other programs. Thanks for reading!