Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What do you LOVE about teaching?

My number one goal as an educator is to improve the experiences students and teachers have each and every day.  I truly believe that we are at a crossroad in public education.  The educational landscape is changing with amazing modern learning strategies and opportunities that are getting a lot of attention; however, funding continues to be decimated while political uncertainties and accountability from the state are increasing, along with educator stress.  The educational politics, and at times the amount of tedious busy work required, can be overwhelming.  My goal as a principal, needs to be focused on decreasing that type of work for us, and increasing our time being cognitively engaged with our students.  Busy work… not something I would ask teachers to provide to their students, so why would I require that of teachers?  We talk about students being cognitively engaged and empowered.  Just as important, I need to help teachers, and myself, become more cognitively engaged and empowered to do the greatest job in the world… teaching children!

In keeping with the theme from my last post (Be the Positive Voice), rather than pointing out the negative attributes in education, I would like to showcase the amazing things our staff loves about teaching.  We created a large list as a staff last year, a few highlights are below.  Each day, I can tell that we continue to hold strong to these beliefs.  Please join us and continue to Be the Positive Voice in education!

What do we LOVE about teaching?

-          #1 for all of us - Working with Children!  Forming positive relationships with students and families.
-          Helping those who need it the most – it is our calling. 
-          Each day is a new challenge with the ability to make positive changes in the world… one child at a time. 
-          Guiding children to be empowered to learn and inspire. 
-          Daily humor – kids are funny (you can’t make this stuff up).
-          Educational Family Nights – making connections with the community.
-          Autonomy in the classroom – Once a teacher starts the day, they really are the ones who decide what’s going to happen.  Not many jobs provide an individual with so much room to be creative and autonomous each day.  You have curriculum to follow, but you can be creative in your delivery.
-          Individual conferencing with students – watching growth on individualized goals.
-          Back to School Nights, Halloween, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Family Nights, Vocal Music/Instrumental Concert, Art Show, Kindergarten info night, Ice Cream Social, etc… All things that highlight our building in a positive way – events that students will never forget – things that make our culture and climate so positive.
-          Great teachers who support children, colleagues and families.

So, as your reflect on the final days of the school year, remember to highlight the positive aspects of our profession.  Ask yourself thought provoking reflection questions via @johnhardison1 and always focus on What you LOVE about teaching!  

Enjoy the final days of the school year!  

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