Friday, March 21, 2014

Short post: “I noticed” notes to build relationship! Great idea for teachers and parents!

So, my father found my blog the other day on LinkedIn.  I asked, “What do you think?”  He replied, “Very professional looking.”  I prodded a bit further, “What about the content?”  He replied, “Too many words, I didn’t read it.”  So… this post is for him, nice and short! 

A teacher at my school, @jodierandazzo suggested using “I noticed” notes to build relationships.  Great idea!!!!

How it works:  Simply place post-it notes on student’s desk when they least expect it!

I noticed you finished your project today… nice work with great detail!
I noticed you are being a good friend to Johnny… you are kind!
I noticed you helping Sally with her math at lunch… you are a good friend!
I noticed you put great voice in your writing today… nice focus on our target learning!
I noticed you being a good listener… you rock!
I noticed you filling Johnny’s bucket today… you are kind!  Side note:  Read to your class, Have you filled a bucket today? By Carol McCloud and illustrated by David Messing.  
I noticed you asking for help on your assignment… way to take charge of your learning!
I noticed you using "active listening" strategies with Sally during turn and talk… keep it up!

You get the idea!  I wouldn’t walk around the room giving “I noticed” notes all day… it could decrease the value.  Use it sparingly, maybe 3-5 per day and keep track, making sure you are noticing everyone over time.  I love this strategy because it provides encouragement and accolades to support a positive relationship between you and your students.  It will also teach students to self-regulate their behaviors, assuming responsibility to academic and social learning.  Students will love it and so will you!  

Idea for parents:  Place “I noticed” notes in your child’s lunch or backpack.  They will love receiving notes, showing how much you care even when you are not around:

I noticed your effort on reading practice last night… I am proud of you!
I noticed you being kind to your sister… you are a good big brother!
I noticed you made your bed before school… you are a great helper!
I notice each and every day that I am lucky to have you as my son/daughter… I love you!!!!

Show your child how much you care when they least expect it!  I have seen parents do this at our school... so much fun for the students! They love receiving kind words and it always put a smile on their face!  The best part, you are giving a reason for the complement to build self-concept.  It also teaches self-regulation, increasing the likelihood that positive behaviors will continue.

This isn't just for teachers and parents... administrators can do it too!

I noticed you being great educators and parents focused on compassionate relationships while supporting learning… I am thankful for positive teachers and parents!

Next week's post:  Just went to conferences… Now what????

Enjoy the week!!! 

Keith Howell

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